Where We Come From

Beginning in 2005, Jason knew that cardiac nursing was his calling. Since then, he has worked in many different areas ranging from progressive care all the way to advanced heart failure and heart/lung transplant. Along the way, he was blessed to have met many people with a passion for caring for others. One valuable lesson that he learned from all of them is how to care not just for the physical side to a person, but also to the emotional and spiritual.

Working as an ICU nurse, Jason was afforded the opportunity to take part as a member of high functioning teams during resuscitation events. However, one thing always remained the same; the emotions experienced and expressed by team members that rarely had a positive impact on the outcomes of the patients being treated. As time went on, he began to realize that it appeared to be a lack of knowledge and/or experience by these members that led to the dread and distress they felt and expressed. And, if we are being honest, Jason many times felt the same way especially when responding to assist with resuscitation events throughout his hospital outside of the intensive care environment.

It is for this reason Jason began his work as certified instructor of American Heart Association courses. West Volusia CPR, LLC is committed to you, the individual responder, as well as the communities in which we all live. Our promise is to work with every individual to increase his or her knowledge, skill, and most of all confidence in providing victims of sudden cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke, and other life threatening conditions with the greatest chance of survival.