Below is a collection of frequently asked questions that students may find helpful. If you cannot find answers to your questions below, please email us.

Do you charge any fees in addition to the cost of the course?

Fees are charged depending on a number of variables. The link below gives explanation of all fees that may be charged in addition to the base course fee.

Terms and Conditions

How do I pay for the course?

West Volusia CPR, LLC accepts only ONLINE payments. Students pay the course fee via PayPal to complete their reservation. Payment of the course fee confirms a student’s seat in the desired class date/time. The option to “Pay with Debit/Credit Card” is selected if the student does not possess a PayPal account.

I am registered for an ACLS Course. Is there anything I need to do before coming to class?

To attend an ACLS course, all students must present:

–A current BLS for Healthcare provider card.

–A current ACLS provider card (if attending an ACLS Renewal course).

–Certificate of Completion of the ACLS Precourse Work curriculum (includes the course specific Precourse Self Assessment [minimum score 84%] and course specific Precourse Work modules)

–An ACLS Provider Student Manual (2020)

Are there any other training options other than having to attend a class for multiple hours?

The American Heart Association and American Red Cross both provide the choice for online training with hands-on skills evaluation by an  instructor. First and foremost, it is recommended for students to find an instructor FIRST to reserve an appointment for the hands-on skills validation. Additionally, an instructor will provide you with the tools you need to be sure you are ready before you commit time and money on your session.

*Of Special Note* – Skills validations during the Skills Session with an instructor are performed without any prompting or coaching from the instructor. Students are to be competent in performing all skills in accordance within American Heart Association/American Red Cross guidelines. Any student who is not able to perform the skills will have the chance to attend a classroom version of the course to address deficiencies in knowledge/skills performance. If this were to occur, the student must first pay the difference between the cost of the classroom course and the Skills Session.

Students who do not pass a Skills Session and choose NOT to attend a classroom course WILL NOT be reimbursed their payment for the Skills Session.

How do I know my information is safe when I register for a class?

West Volusia CPR, LLC takes concerns over your privacy very seriously. We are one of the few, if not only CPR businesses in the Central Florida region that has taken the steps necessary to protect your information on the internet. We only use a third party payer with the highest level of encryption possible (Square). We will also NEVER ask for private information from you via our website. Additionally, we have taken the steps to ensure that ALL information on our website is fully encrypted as evidenced by our SSL Certificate. For a complete description of our Privacy Policy, please feel free to Click Here.