Tara Forguson, Director of Student Engagement


Immediately after graduating high school, Tara began a career in healthcare working as a unit secretary on a busy medical oncology unit at Halifax Health. It was during a time span of 5 years where she established the foundation of her skills as an office manager. It was also during this time when Jason and her first met. Over the next few years and two children later, Jason and Tara made the life changing decision for her to become a stay-at-home mother (or “Mama” as the boys like to say, “domestic engineer” if you ask Jason). Being a stay at home Mom and wife has brought Tara a great deal of love and joy in the never ending endeavor of caring for her family the best way she knows how. After 18 wonderful years (and God willing, many more to come), if you were to ask her what her greatest accomplishment in life is she would simply say, “Raising my two boys to become the young gentleman they are today.”

Fast forward now many years later you will see that her role as a stay-at-mom has now drastically changed. She now is enjoying being able to help her husband build and grow their business from scratch. Working side by side with him everyday, being able to meet all of the new faces of students, and making friends along the way with some of them gives her such a warm feeling. Additionally, knowing that as a team West Volusia CPR, LLC has empowered the surrounding communities with the knowledge and skill to help save lives.

To the past, present, and future students we serve…

Thank you for putting your faith and trust in us.